07 Oct 2013


100 Day Real Food Challenge:  Day 52
30 Bikram Yoga Challenge:  Day 1


Joseph Encina Posture workshop at Bikram Yoga Dallas

Joseph Encina Posture workshop at Bikram Yoga Dallas

Today I started a 30 Bikram Yoga Challenge at the Yoga studio I belong to in Dallas.  This is my first attempt since being introduced to Bikram Yoga nearly 2 years ago.  Briefly, this means going to class for 30 days straight with the option of taking one day off per week.  In the event a class is missed, then it can be made up by taking 2 classes on the same day.   A typical  90 minute class involves an instructor guiding you through a sequence of 26 yoga poses done in a room heated to 105 degrees F and 50% humidity.

Today also marks day 52 of the 100 day Real Food Challenge my 7 year old son proposed to us in August.  Real food refers to foods that are not processed.   While our Vegetarian diet was already low in processed foods, I find the hardest thing to eliminate is sugar and flour (excluding whole wheat flour).

Thus a challenge within a challenge is born.

I hope you will follow me on my journey(s).