04 Feb 2012

National Children’s Dental Health Month

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February marks National Children’s Dental Health month. In order to raise awareness to the importance of dental health, the ADA has sponsored National Children’s Dental Health month starting in 1949. The goal is to raise awareness for both children and parents of the importance of developing good oral habits at an early age. In an effort to make access to oral health care easier, the ADA has launched a national campaign called Give Kids a Smile.

Participating dentists in this program provide free dental care to children 12 years old and younger.

This year’s Give Kids a Simile campaign was held on February 4, 2011. Statistics on its success are not yet available, but will be provided as soon as they are reported by participating dentists. I have proudly participated in this campaign for several years. Unfortunately, the hazardous conditions that resulted from the recent blizzard in Chicago forced us to cancel the event at my private practice this year.